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Activity News

Activity News

“Ban Kaeng Chet Khwae School, Phitsanulok Province”

A representative from Charmer Clinic, giving scholarships at Ban Kaeng Chet Khwae School, Phitsanulok, is a school on the hill.

And the school has only 3 teachers, 45 students. Thank you for giving Shamer. The clinic has contributed to helping children in the wilderness.

Mountain stories Finally, we are very difficult to travel. Just 1 day, we are still very difficult. Very respectful of the teachers Having to travel back from Phitsanulok to school, spending more than 3 hours on the mountain With low income, we are shocked that this salary is only Is it enough for fuel costs, travel expenses?

Charmer Clinic, management and staff We would like to be a part of supporting the education from the income from every customer. That supports us

Finally, I wish you all happiness and prosperity from this merit.

“Social Welfare Development Center Rangsit elderly”

Yesterday I went to feed the elderly people who had been abandoned. There was no house. I had many feelings. That would like to share with everyone.

Happiness from having a little chance That has helped people who have no chance Or not having enough power To be able to do us as an eye, a grandmother that some people are happy The way he is.

It saw the eyes of the inner pity. It saw difficulties. It saw the desire for love. Yesterday there was a grandmother. Singing “Kha Nam Nom”, made we cried.

Finally, it looks to be down. One day, we have to be like this, and there is absolutely nothing. There is a grandmother who is Miss Chiang Mai. The body was beautiful Eventually wilted

We only share in some parts that we may forget. Spend on some days But the money that we use for the nonsense that day became a purchase Let the people who don’t have and just the grandmother still have to share it for the people to flood again. Even if you don’t have much It’s like having to look at yourself a bit. That every day we eat each meal, buy nonsense It may be useful to many others.

Finally, thank you family, thank you, thank you all customers Thank you, teacher, Thank you, staff, for opportunities like this.

“Centara Grand at Central World Hotel”


“Intellectual Disability Service Center (Khlong Toei Branch)”

Intellectual Disability Service Center

“Giving away to homeless people.”

The day before, take the staff to give away to the homeless.

We realized that we are so lucky…

Have a house to sleep
Full body
Have money to go to hospital
There are not many clothes to choose from.
Have good food to eat

“The Pine Resort”

Seminars Clinic 2018

“Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women in Patronage”

Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women in Patronage

“Charmer Clinic”

Secret of Charmer

“Charmer clinic receives Thailand Leader Awards 2018”

General Sermsak Wisetchaisri, President of the ASEAN Business Association Presided over the 12th award ceremony, “Hundreds of hearts to create Thailand to be sustainable” Thailand Leader Awards 2018 Honor Award at the Convention Hall Chulabhorn Research Institute Convention Center Bangkok

In which this activity is intended to encourage And is a guideline for the management of individuals, organizations, in performing their duties, visions until being successful in organizations, departments and all professional fields To be a model And encouragement in the development of the country, economy, society and nation In order to create a manager to drive the strength of the country And the development to be consistent with the government’s policy in promoting and developing the potential of the individual to be continuous. Mr. Nunnapat Akarawongphakin Managing Director, ME Medical Co., Ltd., or Chameron Clinic, was selected as the model master of the top executive leaders of the year 2018, the Thailand Leader Award 2018, under the theme “Hundreds of hearts to create a sustainable Thai “The 12th time is also considered as an honorable award. Which reinforces the success of the business in the Chameret Clinic group that operates beauty Face adjustment And aging for more than 5 years

” Award of Appreclation 2018 “

BJC H.E.L.F 2018

As one of our valued customers in using Botulinum Toxin Type A

“CHARMER CLINIC” won AWARDS OF APPRECIATION 2018 “Cosma Medical Co., Ltd., importer and distributor of Botulax, held the” BJC HEL F 2018 “conference at Athenee Crystal Room, The Athenee Hotel, Bangkok on 17 Aug In 2018, the purpose of this event was To provide knowledge and develop the potential of beauty for leading clinics in Thailand With 400 participants. In addition, the event also presented the “AWARDS OF APPRECIATION 2018” honorary award to promote And encouraging 10 quality clinics in Thailand With the determination to choose only genuine, high quality and safe drugs, which Nunnapat Akarawongphakin Managing Director, ME Medical Company Limited or Chameron Clinic with a team of doctors As an agent to receive the award “AWARDS OF APPRECIATION 2018” from Cosma Medical Co., Ltd. this time Can be considered that the prize received this time It reinforces the confidence of the users of Shamter Clinic that Shamter. The clinic only uses quality medicines from the manufacturer directly.

Charmer Clinic celebrates “5th Anniversary”

Charmer Clinic is a beauty institute which provides face adjustment services. And skin care for more than 5 years, besides being fully equipped with modern tools and technologies Is also the source of a team of medical specialists specializing in skin care Which has increased by more than 20 people to support the amount of customers who come to use the service sufficiently and full of efficiency
Charmer Clinic has always exchanged knowledge and experience with updated trends, beauty, and new technologies. The latest Shaman Clinic executives Khun Thanuwat Kongsuwan and Khun Nan Napas Akarawongphakin have organized a celebration of “The 5th Anniversary of Charters Clinic” by organizing a campaign “Beautiful in budget 555+” in order to return the profits to customers who choose to use the service and ensure the quality of the clinic. With a warm private party With congratulations for participants such as Frames, Miss Grand Chaiyaphum 2018, Dara Season 1 Mask Design, Phukkhacharn Subdistrict, etc. atCharmer Clinic, Udomsuk Branch 13, on 18 Aug 2018 Come
Currently, Charmer Clinic is open for service in 5 branches, namely Shamor Clinic, Udomsuk branch, Petchkasem branch, Rangsit branch, Huay Kwang branch, and Watcharapol branch. Which has been accepted And trust from customers of all ages continuously

สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมคลิก, Line : @charmerclinic, CALL CENTER 085-9192768

“50 famous clinics attending the glamorous night party”

On 22 August 2018, at the Mandarin Oriental, Medytox Inc. held the glamorous night party together with the launch of a new filler called Neuramis, the No. 1 filler from Korea. Approved by Thai FDA, Medytox Inc., a giant company from Korea Which is notable for the products of various drugs That is known in the innovation industry to solve face problems both domestically and internationally Invited Nunnapat Akarawong Phakin Managing Director, ME Medical Company Limited or Chameron Clinic attended this event. It is another pride of Shamter Clinic because at this event, Chameron Clinic is one of 50 clinics that have been certified as The selection and selection of genuine filler products from Medytox Inc. only emphasizes Shamer’s position. Clinics that choose to use genuine fillers that are standardized by the manufacturer directly. For Thai women, beautiful, safe By doctors, specialists and teams that are ready to take care of you like a professional