Know before Chin Surgery

It will be great if we were born with a beautiful, small and V face. However, the truth is not like that. If you have a dream to make your face look great and want to reshape it, then you must follow your dream! Chin surgery is one of the options for you to make your face in V shape. Before you do chin surgery, you need to know all information to create your new chin in a better version. Now, let’s see what we should know about it!

Who is good for doing chin surgery?

Normally, chin surgery is good for people who have round face shape or people who have unbalance face. If you have a big forehead with a short chin, deciding to do chin surgery can make your face become beautiful! Chin surgery is good for people who want their face in an oval shape which is very popular today. Meanwhile, Chin surgery also improves your personality!

Check your face and have a consultation!

The doctor will consider your face in 3 parts which are; forehead, nose, and jawline. These are very important elements of your face because the doctor will choose chin silicone for you. The doctor will consider about chin shape and your desire. Some cases need to do other procedures together with chin surgery to make their face look great. Other procedures are buccal fat removal, jawline ปรับรูปหน้า, jaw reduction. These procedures are face reshaping.

Doctor’s reliability.

You need to do chin surgery with an experienced doctor only. The doctor must know how to create your own chin beautifully and perfect for you. Most important, the doctor must be professional.

How to take care of yourself after surgery?

As for the recovery after surgery, it’s very easy! At first you need to eat soft diet and sleep on a high pillow to reduce the swelling. You must take the medicine followed by doctor’s instruction carefully. If there are any problems, please go to see the doctor as soon as possible.

How long does it take until the wound disappeared?

Normally, the wound will be swelling around 1-2 weeks and it will be better within 1-2 months.

After chin surgery, can I prop up?

Yes! You can prop up after chin surgery, but just don’t do it immediately after surgery! Wait for a while until your wound is disappeared to decrease the risk of inflammation!

After chin surgery, do my face shape will look longer?

Of course, your face shape will look longer. Chin surgery can reshape your face but you must know that having V shape face can make your proportions of the face look unusually. So, we recommend you to have a consultation with a doctor clearly before making a decision.

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