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Reduce Cheek fat and wattle by
“Fat Bomb”

It is time to reduce your cheek fat and wattle by Fat Bomb. No more for problems of chubby cheeks, wattle, lacking of confidence and hate of having your pictures. Solve them all by Fat Bomb, reshaping your face without facial liposuction!

Say Goodbye to the old style of Meso Fat!

Do you have these problems?

  • Chubby cheeks
  • Wattle
  • Loose face
  • Do exercise but can’t reduce cheek fat.
  • Don’t want diet program
  • No time for taking care of yourself
  • Need fast result
  • Need change

• Many days of swollen after injection
• No result after injection
• Lots of injection
• Expensive
• Burning sensation, itchy skin and allergic reactions

Fat Bom, the new innovation for reducing cheek fat and wattle by using herbs 99.99%

Lower chance of getting allergies and Fat Bomb can inject on every area of your face including your eyes skin. This is a new innovation from our Charmer Clinic for those customers who are hurry and really want to see the fast result.

– No swelling

– No loose face

– Like face lifting injection

– Skin brighter and healthy.

Fat Bomb is three times better than normal Meso Fat, faster result and lifting your face.

If you don’t want to do Thread Lift, we recommend you for Fat Bomb to reduce fat on your face by using peptide extract injection into your fat cells. This way is better and faster than normal Meso Fat!

Why do we need to reduce fat by “Fat Bomb”?

– No swelling for weeks compared to normal Meso Fat. No need for recovery and only swelling because of injection for 3-4 hours.

– You can see a very fast result within 3-7 days.

– Reduce fat and lift your face up in the same time. If you do normal Meso Fat, you need to come to see a doctor again for face lifting after reducing fat, because normal Meso Fat causes loose skin after reducing fat. Therefore, Fat Bomb injection is kind of an injection for reducing fat and also lifting face up.

– Natural medicine approved by FDA. Fat Bomb can inject in every area including eyes skin.

– No pain and no sore. However, it can be bruised in some area, if doctor injects very closely to the blood vessels. Anyway, it can be disappeared within 3-7 days. You can still you do your makeup!

– The dosage of injection is 5cc/needle without saline solution, so you can see a clear result.

– Injected by experienced doctor only.

Comparison between Meso Fat injection (new medicine) and cheek surgery.

Cheek Surgery

  •  Take long time for recovery, take many days of swelling and take long time for the best result.
  •  Webbed from surgery. It’s hard to do other treatments (ex. Thread Lift) in the future because of webbed.
  • It is not permanent if you gain your weight again.
  • High price
  • Risk for inflammation because of the oral surgery.

The advantages of Fat Bomb injection

  • No need for recovery
  • Faster result than normal Meso Fat injection. (depends on each person)
  • Not expensive
  • Safe, take care by doctor.
  • Short procedure
  • Can work as usual, no need for recovery.
  • Less pain

The disadvantages of Fat Bomb injection

  • You can be fat again.
  • Injected many times for people who are very fat.

The result after Fat Bomb injection

  • You can see the result within 3-7 days depends on each person, which is faster than normal Meso Fat.



How long does it take for swelling after Fat Bomb injection?


Every 5cc/needle of Fat Bomb injection may be swollen but only in 2-3 hours.


How long does it take for the result after Fat Bomb injection?


You can see a very fast result for Fat Bomb injection within 3-7 days. It depends on each person and fat.


How many needles do I need to inject for Fat Bomb injection?


For 1 injection of Fat Bomb, it depends on doctor to assess your case. It can inject for 2-6 needles/time.


How long do I need to wait for Fat Bomb injection after the first time?


You can do Fat Bomb injection again in the next 1-2 weeks for the best result.


How many times do I need to inject Fat Bomb?


Fat Bomb injection can reduce old fat cells. It will be drained out of body by sweating, urinating and defecation. However, we still get fat from what we eat. Therefore, if we stop inject Fat Bomb, we should to diet, control weight and stop eating high-cholesterol foods.


What are the prohibitions after Fat Bomb injection?


After Fat Bomb injection, drink a lot of water at least 2 liters/day to help your body drain out the fat faster. You can massage around the injected area and avoid high-cholesterol foods for the optimal result.




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I came to Charmer Clinic (Udomsuk) for Fat Bomb injection and I love it! I was really impressed. The doctor gave me a consultation very well and I didn’t feel hurt at all! The staffs here are so nice and takes care of me very well. I would recommend here for people who want to reduce fat at your cheek area. It works!

(Online Merchant)


I came here for reshaping face and Fat Bomb injection. I did normal Meso Fat before but it didn’t work compared to Fat Bomb. Fat Bomb injection is amazing and I saw the result very fast within 3 days!



I love the services here. The doctor is really nice, the medicines are quality and I always see the best result in every time that I came here. It makes me realize that the doctor and medicines are really important.



I did Fat Bomb injection here and I saw the result very fast. There was no swelling at all in 7 days. Everyone asked me what did I do to my face because it’s smaller, so I was really impressed. I wish you could try this!