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LED Light

LED Light is a radiation treatment that can reduce your acne, acne aestivalis, and steroid acne. It also prevents allergic cosmetic reaction, irritation, comedo, and acne vulgaris. LED Light can rejuvenate your skin, reduce acne vulgaris, kill bacteria “P. acne”, and stimulate collagen.

What is LED Light?

LED Light is the radiation treatment called “LED”. There are many types of radiation light such as blue light, green light, yellow light, and red light. These radiation lights have different qualifications to help your skin better. Using different radiation lights which have different wavelength can solve a problem of skin efficiently.

LED Light treatment can prevent acne, kill bacteria called “P. Acnes”, stimulate collagen, reduce acne scars and dark spots, and make you skin smooth.

Who is perfect for LED Light?

  • Those who have problems about acne and don’t want to take medicine.
  • Those who have problems about red and dark spots, and acne scars.
  • Those who have scars on their face skin.
  • Those who want to rejuvenate their skin to make it younger.


LED Light can solve problems in all types of skin such as dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin.

Duration of Treatment

LED Light treatment takes time around 20 – 30 minutes/session. You should do the treatment every 1-2 times/ a week and do continuously for over 4-8 weeks. The experienced doctor will consider from your skin age and problems for the treatment. The result depends on how often you do the treatment, but it will be clearly shown in 3 times later. Your acne will be gone slowly and your oily skin will be better.




    Is it safe for LED Light treatment?


    • LED Light wave will not harmful to your skin at all. The wave will be sent into your deep skin layer to the problem area.
    • You don’t feel hurt or irritation and you can back to work usually.
    • LED Light treatment is certified from UA FDA.
    • There are no UV and Infrared lights for treatment.