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Derma Scar is the scar treatment to solve your acne scar problem, keloid scar problem, and wrinkles. Moreover, it helps you tighten your pores!

Acne scars are the big problem that hard to solve! Are you facing with these problems?

• Acne scars
• Keloid Scars
• Unsmooth skin
• Big pores
• Wrinkles
• Clogged pores
• Lack of confidence
• Has done many treatments, but never solve problems.

Are you tired of facing these problems?

Today we have a better way to solve your acne scars and unsmooth skin! Just using Derma Scar!!

How to cure my acne scar?

To cure your acne scars, we use the safe way for pressing needles on the acne scar area to stimulate the new creation of tissue to fulfill your skin. You can see the clear result at first time you do that your acne scars are disappeared around 10-30% and your skin will be getting better in every acne scar treatment.

The treatment of Derma Scar is using many needles to destroy the fascia and using medicine to stimulate the creation of tissue and collagen to make your skin better. You need to do the treatment every month continuously.

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Step of Treatment

1. Clean your face.
2. Using local anesthesia for 30 minutes to reduce your pain during the treatment.
3. The experienced doctor uses medicine to rejuvenate your skin before using needles.
4. The experienced doctor uses Derma scar machine to cure your skin problem at the acne scar area. It will stimulate the new creation of tissue to fulfill your skin and tighten your pores. (the needles are always new and clean)

Duration of Results

After the treatment, your skin will be red for 1 day and peels off within 7 days. It will be better and your collagen will be stimulated with new tissues to make your acne scars are disappeared. You can see the result at first time around 10-30% and it tightens your pores. The clear result will be shown within 20-40 days.

Instruction after the treatment

• Avoid from cleaning and making up your face at the treatment area for 24 hours.

• Avoid from whitening cream for 7 days after treatment.

• Avoid from sunlight at 1-2 weeks after treatment.

• Avoid from face massage or scrub.

• Avoid from heat (sauna) for 3 days.

• In case that your skin is peeling off, don’t scratch.

• Apply facial cream to make your skin moisturized and reduce old cells.

• Apply sunscreen for 7 days.

• In case that your skin is swollen, red, or getting rash, go to see doctor immediately.



How many times for treatment so I can see the result?


You can see the result at first time for 10-30% and you will see the clear result for the next treatment which depends on your acne scar problem


What is the process of Derma scar treatment?


The experienced doctor will assess your acne scar problem. After that, the staff will use local anesthesia to you for 30 minutes to reduce pain. Then, the doctor will start the treatment by putting medicine on your skin first and pressing 20 needles on your acne scar area.


What will my face skin will be after Derma scar treatment?


After the treatment, your skin will be red for a day and it will be disappeared, For the first 7 days, your skin will peel out and rebuild again 10-30%.


How many times will I see the result for Derma scar treatment?


It depends on your acne scar problem. You have to do the treatment 1 time for a month continuously to make your skin stimulate collagen again. We recommend you to do 2-5 times.


รีวิว Derma Reju by charmer clinic
รีวิว Derma Reju by charmer clinic