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What is Oxy Peel ?

Oxy Peel is the new innovative treatment. It is using Carbon Dioxide gas to reduce cellulite, stretch marks, pruney hands & feet, and make your face skin glow. This treatment doesn’t need to use needles, because Carbon Dioxide gas is formed to “Carbon Gel” with a special mask sheet. Carbon Gel does react with a mask and that makes your skin better.

Who is suitable for Oxy Peel ?

  1. Persons who want to reduce cellulite at arms, legs, abdomens, and other areas
  2. Persons who want to reduce stretch marks at abdomens, buttom, and legs. (It’s really good for women who’s just given birth)
  3. Persons who have acne scars and dark face skin.
  4. Persons who have pruney hands & feet.
  1. Persons who have sagging faces and want to tighten their skin and pores.

How can Oxy Peel help ?

Carbon Gel does react with a special mask sheet and boost skin’s metabolism. It will create the Oxygen which;

  1. Helps about reducing cellulite.
  2. Helps about reducing stretch marks.
  3. Helps about reducing acne scars.
  4. Makes glow skin
  5. Helps about reducing purney hands & feet.
  6. Helps about pore tightening.
  7. Helps about face skin tightening.

What is the advantage of Oxy Peel ?

  1. Don’t need to use needles. No hurt.
  2. Get glow & bright skin immediately.
  3. Your stretch marks is disappeared slowly.
  4. Your skin will be cleaned, glow, and bright.
  5. Cellulite starts to disappear after the first time you did.
  6. Not expensive.

What is the disadvantage of Oxy Peel?

  1. You may feel itchy and stings on your skin while doing the treatment.
  2. You need to do the treatment many times to make the result remain.

What is the step of Oxy Peel ?

  1. After cleaning skin, apply toner.
  2. For safety, the doctor will cover around the eyes and lips. (If you do the treatment at your face)
  3. The doctor will spread an even layer of gel onto skin.
  4. The doctor will apply a mask and gently massage to ensure no air pockets exist between mask and skin.
  5. The doctor will apply gauze to ensure full penetration of CO2 into the skin.
  6. Leave on for 15 to 25 minutes until a reaction occurs.
  7. Then, the doctor will remove gauze and mask.
  8. The doctor will gently wipe off gel with a spatula or a soft tissue and rinse off any residue with warm water.



Does Oxy Peel hurt?


It’s not hurt at all. You may feel itchy and sting because of the reaction between Carbon Gel and a special mask, but then you will feel better.


How many days for seeing the result after I did?


  • As for skin brightening and tightening, you can see the result immediately after you did. Your skin will glow.
  • As for stretch marks, you can see that it starts to disappear after the first time.
  • As for purney hands & feet, It will be better immediately after you do it for the first time.
  • As for cellulite, it will be reduced slowly at the first time. However, you need to do it many times for the best result.


What is the difference between Oxy Peel and Carboxy Therapy?


Carboxy Therapy is the injection of carbon dioxide into your skin to reduce fats, but Oxy Peel is the new innovation treatment which doesn’t need to use needles. It also can reduce fats and cellulite.


How to take care of yourself after doing Oxy Peel ?


  • To make your skin brightening, you must take care of your skin. Always clean and clear your skin, apply the facial creams, sunscreen to help your skin glow and bright.
  • To tighten your skin and reduce cellulite, you must eat healthy food, avoid from drinking alcohol and smoking. Don’t eat high-fat foods.


What is the caution of Oxy Peel ?


  • After doing Oxy Peel treatment, if you still feel itchy and sting, please notice the doctor immediately.
  • Avoid Carbon Gel around the eyes and lips.


How much for Oxy Peel ?


Depends on the areas. It starts from 900 – 1,500 THB.