Know before Lips Surgery

Everyone wants to look good. Today, the progress in this world can create you in a better version. Surgery is the most popular way that people choose to do for help them look better. The popular procedures are nose surgery, chin surgery and lips surgery. Today, we are going to talk about “lips surgery” and let’s see what it is and know the information before making a decision for lips surgery!

If you already have thin lips, we need to warn you that doing lips surgery could make you a problem later. When you smile, the upper lip will be really thin. Also, when you’re getting older, the collagen around mouth area will be decrease. Therefore, your lips will be thinner and thinner. It’s very important to do lips surgery just for a perfect size of mouth, because if it’s too small, it looks weird when you smile.

If you have an unbalance lips, you must understand one thing. After you do lips surgery, it’s obviously seen that your lips are unbalance. You must choose an experienced doctor only for your lips surgery. You can check the review from his/her case before making a decision.

Irregular shape of lips can make it look unnatural. Please know that the best surgery is making if look natural. Some cases may have horn lips, cupid bow lips, and others. It depends on what shape do you like for your lips.

If you can’t close your mouth, it means the doctor cuts your lips out too much. Many people get this problem after surgery and they have to contract their mouth muscles for closing. This problem come from the cutting out of lips.

If you smile and everyone can see your gum, it’s also because the doctor cuts your lips out too much. It makes you look weird when you smile because of the gum.

If your lips are too hard and strong, when you smile it looks unnatural. It is an unbalance smile and you can feel a hard lump around your mouth.

All surgery causes scars. You also may have a scar from lips surgery.

So, how is it? After you read this information, we hope that we could help you about making a decision to do lips surgery. As we told you, every surgery must be natural and balance. If you are interested to do lips surgery, you can talk to us! You can have a consultation with a doctor at Charmer Clinic! We are welcome you!

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