“Design Piyaporn” from Beast to Beauty Secretary

“Design Piyaporn” The Mask Superstar Season 1
From Beast to Beauty Secretary!


The Mask Superstar is the project that everyone talks about! Everyone wants to see how change of the winner! Design “Piyaporn Mormueng” is the winner for The Mask Superstar Season 1. She’s a very lucky girl and she’s a professional secretary. To be just a professional working woman is not enough today. She needs beauty!

In the past, she thought that beauty is not important. She thought that only she has abilities to work is enough. But the truth is her job needs to meet many people. She was bullied all her life about her face. (She had a big face, chubby cheek, with a wattles)

Everyone looked happy and fun when they bullied her, but as for design, it was not fun. She kept in her mind about her true feeling and sadness. Finally, she designed to changed herself.

Design searched for many information and she realized that it’s so expensive for changing herself to be a beautiful woman. Her salary’s not enough to pay this. She almost gave up, but then she met the advertisement about “The Mask Super Star Project Season 1” by Charmer Clinic. She decided to join the competition, and she had her idol “Mai Davika”. Finally, she won the competition!

Today, she is the secretary for Import Company. She feels confident and she gets many chances for her life such as modeling and presenter.

Design told us that “my life seems worse because I’m getting older every day, but now I feel it’s better! I get my new life again!

This is the true story from “Design Piyaporn”

The first winner from The Mask Super Star Season 1 by Charmer Clinic

On 15th June 2018, we are ready to welcome the next winner of the Mask Super Star Season 2

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