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Party (Maxim Model)

“I work every day, so I can’t take a break for too long after doing treatment. I did HIFU here and I was so ecstatic because I saw the result after I did immediately. Most important, the staff here took care of me very nice after I finished my treatment. They always help and never leave me.”

“I chose here because I saw many reviews from lots of people, so I observed on their website and facebook page for a while”

“I checked for the credibility of clinic and doctor and I saw that charmer clinic has many branches. Moreover, there are face reshaping review, especially HIFU, so I was very interested to do”

“At first, I began to have a consultation with staff, so I added Line and asked for information. The staff’s really nice and replied me so fast! She gave me clear information, so I thought it’s a great of service and first impression”

“So, I decided to do here and I made an appointment at Ratchada branch. When I arrived, the staff asked me for the medical history. She was very nice and she smiled all the times for me.”

“She served me a glass of water. I waited for a while, then I went to have a consultation with doctor. I asked doctor about the result of HIFU and the doctor gave me very nice answer. He answered me directly and not gave me a big hope for the result. He said I could see the result immediately for 20% only. Then, I decided to do HIFU”

“Before I did, the doctor gave me local skin anesthesia for 30 minutes before the treatment. So, I had to wait for it. Then, the doctor cleaned up my face and told me to be ready for HIFU! I was scared for the first time. When I did, It didn’t feel any hurts at all. It wasn’t scared like I thought and no bleeding. I really like it because I had no need for recovery or rest at all.”

“I could feel when they did HIFU for me. I felt pain a bit at my jaw line and teeth. After the doctor did the treatment for me for a side, he told me to check the result and saw how it different. When I saw it, I was like really shocked. I really love the result of HIFU. My face’s smaller and better! I really love it! After I did it all, then I paid money and went back home. There were no scars at all and I could go to work in the next day! No one knew that I did HIFU!”

“After I did for a day, the staff called me and asked about how did I feel and how’s the result. I felt so great because they didn’t leave me even after I paid money and finished the treatment!”

“I really like doctor, staffs and services. I love when HIFU didn’t leave me any scars”

“So, if you want to do HIFU, you can come to Charmer Clinic and have a consultation with a doctor!”

party /maxim model

Thank you for Party Maxim for your interested to do face reshaping by HIFU with Charmer Clinic.

She told us that she had no time for rest, and had a lot of works every day.

So, she wanted something that she could see the fast result, no need for recovery, and not swelling.

She read the information and she saw that lots of people came here for HIFU. She checked our page on facebook, so she decided to do HIFU here. She felt amazing when the doctor showed her a result after did for a side and compared to another side. It was clear result! She really loves it!

Most important, no one knew that she did HIFU!

For girls who read this and want to have a consultation with a doctor, just add Line @charmerclinic.

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