Types of nose tip materials and the advantages.

We believe that most of people are always worried about nose surgery. You may be worried about after the procedure. Will your nose become beautiful? Will your nose be awry? Most people are always worried about the silicone coming out especially around nose tip. There are many cases that have problem about thin nose tip. In the present, there are many materials used for silicone coming out protection at the nose tip such as ear cartilage, your own tissue, and artificial tissue. Therefore, the materials are really important for those people who do the nose surgery by using materials for your nose tip protection.

Artificial Tissue

It is the material made from collagen. It’s a small and soft sheet and it is used the protection of silicone coming out through nose tip area. This material is good for people who has thin skin at nose tip, people who want to have long nose tip, and people who did the filler injection before. This material is really high quality and very popular in South Korea.

The advantage is it can protect the silicone coming out in the future. You don’t have to use your ear cartilage for nose surgery, so it reduces pain from that.

Ear Cartilage

It is the cartilage that is in the middle of your ear bone. This material is very popular technique. In case that you have a very thin skin of your nose tip, the doctor will use the ear cartilage for your nose surgery. If the doctor only uses the silicone, it risks to the silicone coming out. Therefore, the doctor needs to use your ear cartilage to help and protect your nose tip and silicone. You will get a very beautiful nose by this material!

The advantage of using ear cartilage is it’s not foreign substance because it’s your own cartilage. However, there is a limitation. Your nose structure must be quite good for using this material because it is close rhinoplasty surgery. Your wound is only in one side of your nose. Therefore, your nose structure can’t be improved as much as Nose Reconstruction surgery.

These are popular materials for nose surgery. They make your nose longer and protect the coming out of silicone. However, if you want a very long nose more than the doctor’s suggestion, then your silicone may still come out through the nose tip even you use these materials. Therefore, you need to do nose surgery followed by the doctor’s suggestion and don’t surgery it too long.

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