Surgery is not for only women, but also men.


If you were born with an unbeautiful face, that’s not a problem anymore! You can do the surgery to change your face in a better version. People always think that surgery is for only women. Let me tell you something. That’s all wrong! Men also take care themselves and do the surgery too! Today, let’s see and check what are the popular procedures for men!

Nose Surgery: This is the first procedure that men and women always do it. Asian people always have problem about nose because it’s flat. Therefore, this procedure is the first thing that people always should to do. As for men, high and sharp nose makes their face look great. You need to know that nose is everything! It is the center of the face.

Upper Blepharoplasty: After doing nose surgery, some people still see themselves in a mirror to find what should they do with their face. The second procedure that most men always do is upper blepharoplasty. They want to make their eyes bigger and better. Some men have very small eyes and look bad. That’s why they need to do this procedure. Eyes are really important. When you talk with someone you need to see in their eyes!

Chin Surgery: Normally, people must have balance proportions of the face which are; the length of forehead to eyebrow, the length of nose, and the length of under nose to chin. It needs to be in balance proportions so that their face would be perfect and beautiful! When you surgery your nose, your chin will look unbalance. Therefore, if you ask the doctor “what should I do after nose surgery to make your face look great?”, the doctor will tell you to do “chin surgery!”. The truth is for people who have a flat nose and a short chin, after they do nose surgery, they need to do chin surgery to make their face in a balance shape. Therefore, chin surgery for men can make their face look great!

Lips Surgery: This is out of expectation! It’s very popular today for lips surgery. Women need a small and beautiful lips to make their face prettier. Men also need it too! Lips surgery really famous for women and men.

You can see men also surgery their face to make them look better. Surgery can enhance their confidence. However, we want you to know that you must learn and know about the procedure that you want to do before surgery, and have a consultation with a doctor before do it! You need to know all information for this to get the best result!

**The result is different in each person**
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