Which one is better between chin surgery and chin filler injection ?

If we talk about how to make your face look beautiful, chin is one of the topics that people always talk about it. Everyone wants to have a v shape of face, but there’s a question about what to do with chin between surgery or filler injection. Today, let’s see what is the strength and the weakness between two of these. Which one is good for you?

Chin Surgery

It’s a chin surgery by using silicone to make your face smaller and reshape it. The doctor will put the silicone into your chin which is safe. The silicone is the same type of nose silicone. There are 2 types of silicone which are; 1. the instant silicone 2. Normal silicone (doctor need to shape it before).

There are 2 ways to do chin surgery which are;

  1. Outside wound: this is not popular way because it may cause a scar later. The doctor will put the silicone through the wound under your chin
    The advantages
    – Risk to infection less than inside wound.
    – Not effect to muscles and nerves because the doctor can avoid from them while surgery.
    – If there’s a problem of chin silicone moving, the doctor can fix it by surgery again at the same outside wound.
    – Easy to put silicone in.
    The disadvantages
    – You may have a small scar for 2-3 cm.
    – This way is not good for people who have easily keloid scars.
  2. Inside wound: The doctor will put silicone inside your mouth between your gum and lower lips. The wound is around 2-3 cm. this way is very popular because no one can see your scar.
    The advantage
    – No scar.
    The disadvantage
    – Even no one see the scar from outside, but the scar still inside at the gum. It’s still not good and easy to see.
    – Risk to infection because of the spit. When you eat food, the food scraps can get into the wound.
    – Putting silicone in a lower jaw risks to silicone moving.
    – It may cause problems of chin muscles and nerves. Your skin may not smooth because of chin muscle contraction.
    – It’s hard to do surgery because of the limitation. The doctor needs to cut the wound quite long to put the silicone inside. So, your tissue may be bruised and bleeding.
    – In case that there’s a problem of silicone moving, it’s hard to fix because of the inside wound.

Chin Filler Injection

It is one of the options to make your chin beautiful without surgery. It doesn’t need to take long time to do filler injection and you will get a nice chin. Hyaluronic Acid is really popular today for chin filler injection because it doesn’t make you have an allergic reaction and its stability for long time. Most important, it can be decomposed by itself. It also makes the skin younger.

The advantages for Chin Filler Injection.
– No need for recovery. You can go back home and spend your life as usual.
– Get the fast result, you can feel the change after doing chin filler injection.
The disadvantages for Chin Filler Injection.
– It can’t make your chin longer more than 1 cm. If you inject chin filler and make it longer than 1 cm, your chin will be unbalance.
We hope that this information will help you make a decision easier. However, if you still have more questions, you can contact us at Charmer Clinic to have a consultation with an experienced doctor!

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