5 things to help you become beautiful before wedding!

How to prepare yourself to be a beautiful bride? Let’s check!


It is using ultrasound wave which is safe transmits into 3 deep skin layers. HIFU helps about skin tightening, collagen stimulation, and reduce fat. It makes your face in V shape.

If you do HIFU for the first time, you can see the result 10-20%, then you will see clearly result after 2 months. Your face will be tightening without using needles.

2. Ultra Deep

What can Ultra Deep do?

   Ultra Deep helps Vitamin and drugs absorb into your deep skin layer. It stimulates blood circulation and hasten the metabolic waste. It can help Vitamin absorb into your skin more than Lonto 10 times. You face skin will be brighter and you can do Ultra Deep 1 time a week.

3. Aura Wink

Aura Wink makes your skin bright. It has antioxidants, make your skin glow, smooth, and soft. Your skin will be better from inside to outside.

4. Laser

– Hair Removal
– Slow Hair Growth
– Smooth Skin
– Bright Skin

After you do the first time for Hair Removal Laser, the hair may not loss all. However, after 1 week, all hair will fall out. You need to do hair removal laser around 3-5 times so that it helps for slow hair growth. The result is going to be long lasting for 6-8 months.

5. RF

Radio Frequency or RF is the treatment using radio wave (0.3 – 0.5 MHZ) to tighten your body shape and firm it.

How’s the Radio Frequency (RF) work?

Radio Frequency (RF) uses radio wave sending into your deep skin layer to increase the skin temperature. It helps about blood circulation, lymph, and body fluid. It also stimulates the transformation of energy from inside the body which causes the changing of temperature. The temperature will be higher around 3° – 5° C and It’s safe. The temperature will be stimulated higher but not over 42°C. RF helps about blood circulation, blood vessels expanding, blood and lymph circulation, and the waste excretion.


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