5 ways to kill melasma! Change your skin to be a better version!

  • Many people in Thailand have a problem about melasma because of the hot weather. People can’t avoid the light even they are in the office. Also, people who work in the daylight and always get sunburn. In the present, the world has many technologies and ways to reduce melasma such as natural procedure, facial creams, and having a consultation with a doctor for reducing melasma. Today, let’s see the 5 ways of killing melasma and help you become beautiful!
  1. Reduce melasma by using AHA: AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, the acid compound, made from natural extracts such as citric acid from lemon, orange, and pomelo, malic acid from apple, glycolic acid from cane, lactic acid from yogurt, tartaric acid from tamarind and wine. Using AHA to remove old skin cells and create new skin cells instead is not only for old skin cells removing, but also for reducing melanin. You may get the slow result from this way, but it is safe and it can reduce melasma. It is not expensive. However, using high concentration of AHA needs to be done by doctors only.
  2. Peel melasma by using TCA: TCA or Trichloro acetic Acid, the acid compound, made from natural extracts. The special property of the TCA is skin peeling. This procedure needs to be done by doctors only. The doctor will apply TCA on your face skin at the melasma area to peel the skin cellss and melanin out. This way is removing old skin cells and stimulating new skin cells. It is safe but you need to do this procedure every 1 time/month to reduce melasma. In the present, this way is not popular because some people don’t want the recovery. After peeling your skin by TCA, your skin may be dry and stung. You also need to avoid the sunlight.
  3. Reduce melasma by using Laser: It is one of the way to reduce melasma that become popular today. This way can improve your skin by using laser. The laser will be shot into your melasma skin area. Then, your skin will be peeled out. We can call this procedure “Lasabrasion” or “Laser Vaporization”. Today, the world has 2 ways to reduce melasma by using laser which are; 1. IPL Laser or Intense Pulsed Light Laser (It is the technology that using the high concentration of light energy which has many waves to remove hair or reduce melasma. IPL laser helps you rejuvenate your skin, reduce dark spot, melasma, freckles, red spots, and pore tightening. It also stimulates collagen and elastin under your skin. Don’t need for recovery and there’re no scars. You should do the laser for 2-4 weeks/time. As for the result, you need to check with the doctor. You need to do at least 3-5 times to get the result.) 2. Q-switched ND Yag Laser (It is the way to reduce melasma by using light waves which release the energy around 1064 nm and 532 nm. This energy will reduce melanin and stimulate collagen. Then, your skin will be young, smooth, and soft. There is no side effect for this procedure. If you want to see the clear result, you need to do around 3-6 times depends on each person. The disadvantages of this procedure are you need to avoid from sunlight and can’t use high energy because it causes melasma problem later.
  4. Reduce melasma by using Meso Therapy injection: Meso Therapy is the way to reduce melasma by injection. The medicine will be injected into your skin called “Meso skin”. This way is good for reducing melasma because the medicine will get into your skin immediately and make your skin bright. Your melasma and dark spots will be disappeared. As for the result, it depends on the medicine that injected into your skin. Meso Therapy injection consists of whitening substances. The side effect of the injection is your skin may be dry. You need to apply the moisturizing cream to help your skin. After the injection, you may have a small injection scar, but it will be disappeared later. (Read more information about Kill Melasma from Spain Click!)
  5. Reduce melasma by using facial creams: This is the way that safe and you can get good result. You may see the result slowly. Some medicines can cause side effect for your skin and some aren’t certified by FDA. Then, you need to check and follow the instruction carefully. You can see the result around 1-2 months and if you continue apply creams, you can see the better result. As for the dermal type, it is hard to be cured by only using medicine. So, you need to find other ways to help you reduce your melasma. The medicine that people always apply for their skins are:


1. Hydroquinone (This is the medicine that doctors always use for reducing melasma. It can reduce and destroy melanin under your skin. However, this medicine still has side effects such as irritation, burning, swelling, and peeling. Therefore, this procedure is under the care of doctor only. If you use the medicine for too long, then your skin may be irritated and you can’t reduce the melasma later.)

2. Retinoic Acid (It is the medicine that peeling your skin cells. Your melasma will be fade down. However, you need to use this medicine continuously more than 24 weeks for the result. You must avoid the sunlight because it may be irritated. Another side effect is red skin, itchy skin, rash, dry skin, inflammation, and burn skin.)

3. Hydroquinone, Vitamin A acid, and Steroid (Kligman’s Formula) (this is also one of the medicines that the doctors recommend because it’s easy to use and it has a little steroid to reduce skin irritation from Hydroquinone and Vitamin A acid. However, using this medicine for too long can cause the melasma from steroid or hydroquinone. Another side effect is red skin, itchy skin, irritation,dry skin, and etc. This procedure is under the care of doctor only.Azelaic Acid is efficient medicine for reducing melanin as well as hydroquinone. Your skin may be irritated after using Azelaic Acid for the first time.

So, it must be under the care of doctor only. As for whitening agents such as Vitamin C, licorice extracts, arbutin, kojic acid, soy extracts, and etc, It is the safest way to reduce melasma. It takes time for getting better and your skin may be a little irritated, but your melasma will be disappeared and your skin will be bright. At last, you will get the best result. However, the result depends on each person’s skin face and melasma. It is important to have a consultation with a doctor before starting every procedure. If you don’t have the clinics that can help you about melasma, you can talk to us and get a consultation at Charmer Clinic in every branches!


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