What is Meso Fat?

 Meso Fat is the Vitamin injection. It helps about fat reduction and firm your skin. Meso Therapy is the way to reduce fat and cellulite for cheek, wattle, legs, abdomen, arms without surgery.

It is an injection vitamin called “Phosphatidylcholine” and others into the fat area. This is very safe because the drug made from natural extracts. It can discompose from the body, so you don’t have to worry about allergic reaction. The doctor will use needle to take the drug into your skin layer. The drug can reduce the fat and stimulate blood circulation and lymph. It makes tissue around the injected area tighten. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the reduced fat flow to other areas because it will disintegrate, transform to liquid fats, and it’s excreted out of body.

You should be injected every 1-2 weeks. It should take 2-4 doses for 1 injection depending on doctor’s assessment.

How to take care of yourself after Meso Fat injection?

1. Drink a lot of water (2 liters or more) to help about the breakdown of fats.

2. After injection, you can massage around the area to help about drugs dispersing.

3. You should do RF together with Meso Fat for the best result.



Can I drink alcohol after Meso Fat injection?


After Meso Fat injection, there’s no need for recovery. You can drink alcohol but we recommend you to avoid from it. Alcohol may cause fat accumulation and it doesn’t make you get the best result.


Does it hurt during Meso Fat injection?


It is fat dissolving injection. It takes the drug into the fat area. There are many kinds of drug for different clinics. The disadvantages of Meso Fat are swelling and burning because it has Phosphatidyl. The advantage of it is good for fat dissolving. In the present, there are many kinds of Meso Fat drugs such as LLD Fat or Fat Bomb at Charmer Clinic. Fat Bomb is really popular because you can see the result very fast and it’s not swelling or bruising.


Does the fat come back after Meso Fat injection?


Meso Fat injection can dissolve the fat in many areas such as cheek, wattle, arms, legs, and abdomen. After the injection, the fat will be gone. However, it can’t control the new fat from what we eat. So, the answer of this question is you need to diet and eat carefully to control your body and avoid fats.