Types of nose tip materials and the advantages.

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We believe that most of people are always worried about nose surgery. You may be worried about after the procedure. Will your nose become beautiful? Will your nose be awry? Most people are always worried about the silicone coming out especially around nose tip. There are many cases that have problem about thin nose tip. […]

Surgery with Food.

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There are many ways to make yourself look great. Surgery is one of the options that most people choose to do it. You can see the fast result. However, taking care of yourself after surgery is very important, especially the food you eat. If you eat healthy food, your wound will be better and also […]

Know before Chin Surgery

ข้อควรรู้ก่อนเสริมคาง by charmer clinic

It will be great if we were born with a beautiful, small and V face. However, the truth is not like that. If you have a dream to make your face look great and want to reshape it, then you must follow your dream! Chin surgery is one of the options for you to make […]

Surgery is not for only women, but also men.

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  If you were born with an unbeautiful face, that’s not a problem anymore! You can do the surgery to change your face in a better version. People always think that surgery is for only women. Let me tell you something. That’s all wrong! Men also take care themselves and do the surgery too! Today, […]

Which one is better between chin surgery and chin filler injection ?

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If we talk about how to make your face look beautiful, chin is one of the topics that people always talk about it. Everyone wants to have a v shape of face, but there’s a question about what to do with chin between surgery or filler injection. Today, let’s see what is the strength and […]

Know before Lips Surgery

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Everyone wants to look good. Today, the progress in this world can create you in a better version. Surgery is the most popular way that people choose to do for help them look better. The popular procedures are nose surgery, chin surgery and lips surgery. Today, we are going to talk about “lips surgery” and […]